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Renting a Property Made Easy in Simple Steps

Hythe and Waterside Lettings are specialists in the Residential Lettings Industry and take pride in our reputation for providing a professional and personal service to our Tenants. Our Directors and principal staff have over 30 years experience in this highly specialised and increasingly complex market and deal with all types of property across the Waterside area on behalf of many landlords and tenants, including portfolio investors and Companies. When you rent a house or flat with Hythe & Waterside Lettings you are investing in peace of mind, which comes with knowing that you are using a regulated lettings agency that adheres to a strict set of rules designed to protect tenants and landlords.

We are proud to say that, the majority of our business comes from recommendation!

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Our Contemporary office is situated in a prominent location next to Hythe Pier and is open 6 days a week. Register your details with us or online at our website We will advise you of all new listings before they are advertised giving you an enormous advantage in the marketplace.

Legal requirements

All properties registered for rent with Hythe & Waterside Lettings have the following compliance measures in place for your safety:

  • Gas safety certificate
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Full Wiring Certificate
  • Portable appliance tests
  • Smoke detectors
  • Energy Performance Certificate

Tenancy deposit

The Tenancy Deposit must be registered within 30 days of Hythe and Waterside receiving it and a certificate is supplied to the tenant confirming registration details. Hythe and Waterside Lettings are a Member of The Dispute Service and we register every Tenancy Deposit.

The equivalent of one weeks rent as deposit to hold the property during the 15 days referencing process.
Rent x 12 /52 equals 1 weeks rent as holding deposit
The Full Deposit - equivalent to 5 weeks rent – Rent x 12/52 x5 = Deposit


Hythe and Waterside conduct a thorough inventory of each property (furnished and unfurnished). This inventory includes both the inside and outside of the property. All Hythe and Waterside tenants are given 7 working days after their move in date in which to make any changes to the inventory that they feel are needed. Hythe and Waterside believe this to be the fairest way of recording the condition of the property prior to vacation. Inventories list the condition of the property, even if the property is unfurnished. When it comes to the end of your tenancy, Hythe and Waterside will carry out the check out and liaise between you and the landlord if there are any dilapidations.  Hythe and Waterside staff are trained in calculating ‘fair wear and tear’ and understand how dilapidations would be assessed in a Court of Law. We believe our fair approach and negotiating skills are why we have only ever had one dispute (for £100) since 2007 when the registering of deposits came into force. A track record that we doubt many agents could match! Tenancy disputes have increased from 6,000 in 2008 to 20,000 in 2009!


Maintenance issues are dealt with very quickly and Hythe and Waterside contractors are reliable and efficient. Hythe and Waterside actively encourage its Landlords to keep their properties up to a high standard because Hythe and Waterside feel that `a quality property will attract a quality tenant.’

Assured Shorthold Tenancies

Assured Shorthold Tenancies are normally set up for 6 months initially and tenants are responsible for the payment of the rent during this period. Tenants can give one month’s notice at any point after five months of a six-month’s tenancy has been conducted and Landlords can give two months notice at any point after four months of a six-month’s tenancy. Negotiations for Agreement Renewals are made in the fourth month. If the tenancy is not renewed it defaults to a Periodic Tenancy. This simply means that a Tenant can give one month’s notice at any point and the Landlord can serve two month’s notice.

Permitted payments

For new tenancies

The equivalent of one weeks rent as deposit to hold the property during the 15 days referencing process. Rent x 12 /52 equals 1 weeks rent as holding deposit
The Full Deposit -  equivalent to 5 weeks rent – Rent x 12/52 x5 = Deposit
Service charges £50.00 per month payable if applicable, this will be where you will be living communally and a management company is in place
Pets £20.00 per month extra rent if a Landlord agrees to a pet being in residence.

Upon reservation you will also need to provide photo identification in the form of a drivers licence, passport, sub-contractors card.


Initial Deposit

Payable upon reservation a deposit of the equivalent of one weeks rent as deposit to hold the property during the 15 days referencing process. Rent x 12 /52 equals 1 weeks rent as holding deposit.

The holding deposit is non-refundable if Tenant pulls out after 14 days, or if it is proven that false information has been given at the application/ referencing stage.


Remaining Deposit

The equivalent to 5 weeks rent – Rent x 12/52 x5 = Deposit total. 



One month’s rent is payable in advance on the day of occupation and on the same day thereafter unless agreed otherwise.


Service charges

Where applicable £50 per month, usually this will be where you will be living communally, and a management company will be in place who will manage the communal area expenses.


Other charges

During the Tenancy

Payment of £41.66 plus VAT totalling £50.00 if you want to change the tenancy agreement
Payment of interest for the late payment of rent at a rate of 3% plus VAT per day from the date due
Payment for the reasonably incurred costs for the loss of keys/security devices
Payment of any unpaid rent and other reasonable costs associated with your early termination of the tenancy. Landlords set up fee of £350.00 plus VAT totalling £420.00 subject to Landlord permission and remaining rent and utilities to the end of the tenancy.
Deed of Surrender £41.66 plus VAT totalling £50.00

Garage Let

Administration fee £75.00 plus VAT totalling £90.00
Deposit £100.00

Company Lets

Company Lets £400.00 plus VAT totalling £480.00 per person
Renewal fee £100.00 plus VAT totalling £120.00
Check out fee £120.00 plus VAT totalling £144.00
10% plus VAT of the final dilapidation work costs after inventory check (should there be any) We help you to make sure that no dilapidations should be payable with pre-vacation inspections and a thorough inventory.
Missed inspection and contractor appointments £30.00 plus VAT totalling £36.00
Payment of interest for the late payment of rent at a rate of 3% plus VAT per day from the date due
To provide a reference £25.00 plus VAT totalling £30.00.

On tenancies dated prior to 1st June 2019

All Fees remain as within your tenancy agreement if signed prior to 1/6/2019 and up until 31/5/2020 inclusive
Renewal fee £50.00 plus VAT totalling £60.00
A check out fee of £120.00 plus VAT totalling £144.00
Missed inspection and Contractor appointment £30.00 plus VAT totalling £36.00

You will be required to pay for the gas, electric, council tax, personal contents insurance, TV licence, satellite, broadband/wi-fi, phone and service charges of £50 per month should you live in a communal building. N.B. We recommend a local insurer in Hythe should you need any kind of insurance quote.


Data Protection Act 2017 & May 2018

Hythe & Waterside will need to hold your data details on computer and in paper files, (the data gathered from your application form, rental payment transactions and general rental history), (Please check that you have consent to give us third party details etc.), they will be stored for a period of 7 years from the last day of occupation, HM Customs & Excise & Inland Revenue departments require all businesses to keep records for 7 years. Should you wish to have a copy of the data stored you may request to do so, you will receive data via a USB within 28 days of requesting it. After 7 years has lapsed you may request in writing for your data to be deleted. Hythe & Waterside will not use any of your details in their marketing without your prior written consent, (we may use any review data gathered via review sites, but you will have accepted them to be used at time of inception), furthermore we will make sure that any associated third party businesses have a data protection policy in place before giving your details to them ie solicitors, contractors, utility companies, mortgage brokers.......... Landlords will be given your details as part of the rental process within your tenancy agreement. Periodically you will receive verification emails to ensure that you remain happy to give your authority for Hythe & Waterside to continue to send you property details, to store your data and continue to communicate via email, text, phone, in writing via the post..... It’s very important that these links are followed through for verification as we wish to keep up communication at all stages during your tenancy.

Frequently asked questions from prospective tenants?

Do I have to earn a certain amount to rent a property? Yes, the tenants living in the property must have a joint income of 30 times the monthly rental amount per year. i.e. on a rental of £795pcm the tenants must be earning £23,850p.a.

How much Tenancy Deposit do I need to pay? The equivalent of one weeks rent as deposit to hold the property during the 15 days referencing process. Rent x 12 /52 equals 1 weeks rent as holding deposit.
The Full Deposit - equivalent to 5 weeks rent – Rent x 12/52 x5 = Deposit

Can we rent with our pets? Yes, some of our properties will accept pets but the carpets must be professionally cleaned upon vacation and fumigated if necessary. We ask all tenants with pets to sign a pet addendum. We will also charge an additional £20.00 per property payable with the rental payments. If the landlord agrees to a pet being in residence.

I am in receipt of housing benefit can I still rent with Hythe & Waterside Lettings? Yes, some of our properties do accept tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit but only with a Guarantor. The guarantor must earn or have in Savings the rental amount x 36. Not all of our Landlords are able to accept tenants claiming housing benefit because of stipulations made by their mortgage company.

Do I have to contact Utility Companies prior to moving in? No, Hythe & Waterside will take the meter reading and notify the Gas, Electricity, Water and Council Tax of your names, move in date and the meter readings. As a tenant the only things you need to organise are a television licence and the telephone line should you wish to have it connected.

Why should I rent through Hythe & Waterside Lettings? We are Regulated Agents which means we work to a strict set of guidelines. Your Tenancy Deposit will be registered and we insist that all our rental properties meet a high level of safety, giving you peace of mind.